I installed my first central vacuum in my own home in 1988. After extensive research I found VACUFLO, out of all the other brands, to be the best choice.

     I discovered central vacuuming to be so convenient, powerful, and…..no vacuum odor! Clean air! This meant a lot for my allergies. Oh and my dog's hair, sucked it up no problem at all.

     Long story short, VACUFLO was in need of a central vacuum dealer in my area. Even though I couldn’t sell raw meat to a starving dog, I decided to give it a go. I had enough of being a commercial scallop fisherman, and my college degree in elementary education was already on the back burner.

     Thanks to the excellence and support of the VACUFLO brand, I did not need to be a top notch salesman. I found that my trust in the product, and honesty to potential customers, was enough to sell.

     And so I began my quest to reveal to others how the VACUFLO central vacuum system is by far the leader in central vacuums. Of course, a central vacuum is only as good as its installer, which leads to us, Nick’s Central Vacuums. I am frequently asked, “what would you do if this was your home”, and I reply, “I treat every home as though it was my own.”

Thank you to all my customers,